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What is Scribe for Personal Documents?

Scribe for Personal Documents makes it quick, easy, and inexpensive to make your documents fully accessible. For as little as 10 cents per page with a yearly subscription, our Augmented Document Remediation technology accepts documents in a variety of formats and automatically produces fully accessible output in several formats, including text-to-speech, Braille, large print, Microsoft Word, and tagged PDF. For more complex documents, we also offer human remediation in as little as 3 business days, for as little as $7 per page. Scribe for Personal Documents brings enterprise-level document remediation services to print-impaired consumers.

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Get Started

To get started, select a document to remediate.
Alternatively, you can provide the URL of the document that you want to remediate. Note that this must be the URL of a downloadable document file, such as a PDF file, not a web page. Also note that Scribe cannot use a URL that requires you to log in. If you want to remediate that type of document, you will need to download it first, then choose the file using the button above.
Now that you've selected a document, we'll provide a preview of the first two pages. If you're satisfied with the preview, you can then remediate the full document and convert it to several alternate formats.

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